The added weight of the SAVASANA BLANKET helps you stay present and grounds you by bringing you closer to your practice. Pair the SAVASANA BLANKET with an EYE PILLOW for the ultimate relaxation.

Svetlana Daniels, Creator

The idea for a full body experience came to me during my  200-hour Yoga Training at West End Yoga Center in Allentown, PA in 2017. We were working on a segment on Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep). During that session we had  sand bags on our hips and eye pillows to help stay grounded and focused. It was a very nice practice, observing your thoughts come and go, welcoming the darkness and learning to observe your emotions while following your mind's journey. I began craving the same feeling I felt on my hips and eyes throughout my body and that was when the idea of a "bigger sand bag " came"to me.

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