Frequently asked questions

How much does the blanket weigh?


What is it made of?

100 % Cotton on the outside, with glass beads sewn into individual pockets.

Is it machine washable?


Do you have package deals for studios?

Yes, we work with many studios for both bulk ordering as well as wholesale distribution. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Do you offer other sizes and/or weights?

Not currently, but we are working on this.

Can I try one before I buy it?

Yes!! Please check the directory of studios that carry it. We are constantly “covering” more and more!

Is it suitable for other settings, like a spa or a doctor's office?

Yes!! You might use it during eyelash extensions, facials, etc or cover the client after the treatment for more relaxation time. It also has a place in a setting where a paitent may not feel comfortable.