I love my savasana blanket! It helps me feel relaxed after I work out and I even use it on my couch when I feel anxious. The beads DO NOT MOVE which I haven't come across before. It is pretty breathable so you don't overheat. The carrying case makes it easy to bring to yoga class. So happy and satisfied by this purchase! 

Katrina K, PA

"We have enjoyed using the  savasana  blanket.  I have used it primarily as a weight for poses such as 

paschimottasana and  supta padangusthasana I, II to encourage the extension and lengthening of the legs this past week in classes.  It works well because it distributes the weight nicely over the thigh and takes the shape of the thigh.  My students seem to benefit immensely from the use of it in our practice. I have also experimented with it on the lower on the back of my students with back issues, and they have found great relief. "

Katrina, Owner of SkyYoga,

 Bethlehem, PA

I got this blanket from my local studio in New Jersey. After trying it several times at the studio for Savasana, I had to get one for home use. I like the pressure it applies to my body, it kind of feels like a hug. I use it on my lap at the end of the day or wrap it around my shoulders during meditation. Quality is good, I have washed it 3 times. 

Amanda Z, NJ